Aug 31, 2006

peaceful day @ ps cafe

went to ps cafe.
my fav hangout.
quiet and peaceful.
me had iced wildberry.

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little kerris

my best friend, (FT)'s little kerris.
times really flies.
me and FT know each other since sch days.
and now she is already a mom!
so happy for her.

now i'm trying to gather all our old sch days pics and
upload here..

how exciting..

coming soon (really soon i hope. Hee)

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Aug 25, 2006


Aug 23, 2006

trading day


wish me good luck!

Aug 21, 2006

sian's birthday

sian's birthday.
we had simple homecooked food.
got a cake from patissier.
picture below got it from their website.

i'm a chocolate cake lover.
but after i had this cake, i change my mind!
this is simply heaven.
no chocolate cake could replace this.
we finish the whole cake that nite.

dinner couldn't be better too.


shark's fin soup

heavenly cake

me & sian

me sian & my mother-in-law

Aug 13, 2006

BBQ nite

yesterday we had a pool-side bbq.
we had lots of food and booze.

but this is my fav!
asparagus wrapped with bacon.! YUMMY!

photoblog is better. enjoy below.
still waiting for my photos to be sent to me.

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Aug 10, 2006

national day

yesterday was a public holiday, but poor me still got to work.
i finish work at abt 5pm and rush home for dinner.
and of course to watch the fireworks.

believe it or not. i can see the fireworks from yishun
hee hee.. yup. nobody believe me.
ok la the view is so-so only la..

this is taken with zoom-in

okie okie.. this is the actual view.

just before night fall.

love the view.

it's very windy here too.

Aug 2, 2006


finally i got my k800i..
woo hoo~