Mar 30, 2007

eat and drink

I'm addicted to pepper lunch.
love their beef pepper rice and their Yaki Shabu” Pepper Lamb.

I'm having beef pepper rice.

my sis having salmon and chicken combo.. not very nice.

And after lunch, we went shopping! (as usual).

and we end our nite at harry's


Mar 14, 2007

new layout

Do you like my new page?
yes, it's nicer
yes, but need abit of touch-up
no, it's ugly
no, it's needs lots of touch-up
i hate both
all of the above (for idiots)
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Mar 9, 2007

a day @ sentosa

it was very very hot that day.


snacking after a swim

tired face

sleepy already

wanna kaypoh kaypoh

in the monorail

@vivo city

a korean snack

finally reach home.. everyone was tired.

Mar 4, 2007

cny day 15

we had "yuan xiao" lunch instead of dinner.
dinner was "lei cha" at 3rd aunt place.

our "yusheng"

our lunch

kai 1st "lo hei"

lei cha for dinner!

while we busy eating, kai is busy playing.