Jan 27, 2007

shopping is fun

well i met my sis at orchard. and of course is the time of the year to get new clothes for chinese new year.
plan for the day.. is.... 买东西吃东西。
but 1st thing 1st.. i need to get my brows done.

my sis waiting for me


ok now for some dim-sum.

century egg porriage, xiao long bao and salt-pepper pork rib.
this was suppose to be light tea-break coz we planning dinner later, but we couldn't even finish them. and of course we skipped dinner.

guess who pick up the tab. (hehehehe)

Jan 25, 2007


so angry! ever since started trading live my systems keep breaking down!
idiot damn suay!
and the most annoying thing is when only is about time to go home maybe an hour before.. den everything seems to be ok.

and now this morning the problem come back again! ^%@$!

nabey now one of my software breakdown!~!!~!~!~


We're Open!

I've gone live! I'm trading real money now.. Today is only my third day, so far it's soooo different from trading demo.
Of course la, demo is not real money tat y no emotion involve.
when trading demo, one day will have about maybe 3 trades/setups. But so far these two day i have only done 1 trade! CHICKEN.

i still miss trading euroyen! and i think i can still make it and maybe better! hee. (how lian rite, but anyone wanna sponsor??)
currencies keke.. but after 2-3 months (maybe more) of preparations, i think i can make as much but is only think i think is more scary coz currencies mkt move so fast.

well hopefully i can make it! if not i have to look for sponsors to go back to euroyen.. nvm! tis year TOTO ang bao draw is MINE!

Jan 24, 2007


Melben Seafood.
Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio

Butter Crab

Claypot Crab Bee Hoon

Dun you think it looks good!!
I jus love them!

Jan 11, 2007

Life in Mono

this piece is in my top 3 song.
i can listen to it over and over again.
tis a soundtrack from great expectation

ultra sad song.
pls dun listen to it when you are down.

but i luv to listen to it when i'm down.
coz sometimes when i'm sad and couldn't let it out, i would be able to do so after hearing the song.
serious wat! you will feel better.
and you thought i luv to torture myself. (*blink*)

hmm "torture"
i remember when i was in school, i would sometimes purposely cut myself or something similar.
haha and once i was so damn bloody angry wif my brother (he's jus weird) i took a pair of scissors beside me and start slashing my wrist. but i cannot remember wat happen tat day. i also cannot remember when is the last time i had dinner or a decent chat with him. well, there is always a black sheep in the family... and i have two of them.

ok back to the song... oh ya..dun get the wrong idea,
i'm not feeling down. jus happen to heard tis song again
and i tot of sharing only.

Jan 5, 2007

another week

Tis week is pretty short for me.
coz of the long holiday and some self-declared ones.
went back to work yesterday but seems not able to connect to the market.
Non-Farm is up tonite. so i shall see i can get any
market sentiment to help me get ready next week.
so work will officially start next week (*grims)

Jan 3, 2007

New Year Celebrations

on countdown.
We did not had any actual celebration thou, coz there is some things happen recently.
only gather with friends and talk.. hoping to forget the things which happened.

new year day
MIL came back from paris.. Woohoo.. alot of gifts and chocolates!

spent the new year with family.
dinner was at a thai restaurant.(no pic. forgot to take).

Next day was a small family gathering.
potluck was the main theme.
anyway the family is made up of all fantastic cooks so hooray!
(so much of new year resolution to lose weight).
food was really really really GOOD!
our plan is only to have lunch
but our turkey was 8kg! so we ended up had lunch n dinner there.
after dinner we had durian.
eerr durian was so-so only.

turkey re-cooked.

New Year Resolutions!

OMG! time really pass sooo fast.
can feel age is catching up..
tis is my dunnoe how many times writing new year resolutions.

1. lose weight
2. start saving money..
3. secret also.. cannot post publicly
4. can't tell you.
5. can't reveal.. (Heh Heh)
6. make more money.
7. make even more money.. (who doesnt rite)

every year i can see myself making new year resolutions, the difficult part is keeping them.
hopefully this year will be different.