Apr 23, 2006

dreaming again

life is so boring.
u grow up, graduate, start working life, marry, have children, have grand children and die.

(bascially tat's all)

and there is a regular course of procedure
to fulfill each day.
start on mon.
wake up, work, lunch, work, dinner, tv, sleep. tis carry on for five days
wake up late, go out meet friends, coffee, dinner, watches vcd sleep.
wake up late again, laundry, do hsework, dinner, tv and sleep.

each day i had 7 hrs of sleep, 3 hrs of meals (which include breakfast, lunch, teabreak ,dinner ),10 hrs of work, 2 hrs of tv and doin homework for my STI (in case u wondering.. is my new hobby trading singapore straits times index). this means that i only left with 2 hrs of personal time with my family.

take my life! how i wish we can have something like those students exchange. u go study in and different environment.
imagine i can trade a day's time wif a futures broker in chicago mercantile exchange. or jus imagine become one of donald trumps lover or wife. if not i dun mind begin angelina jolie. In fact i wan to be angelina jolie!

hi! i'm angelina jolie hue. hee hee...

see we have the same tattoo..

Apr 22, 2006

free cone day!

jus received this email this morning.
for all the ice-cream lover like me.
yummy yum yum.

Apr 17, 2006

happy belated birthday

i so 糊涂糊涂~!!
i forgot abt becky's birthday totally!!
sorry dear!

happy belated birthday!

actually her rom day is also her birthday.
come to think abt it..

(Hey rebec!! how come no cake tat day arh?
Wedding also can have cake ma!
anyway all the best!)

becky's rom

Becky, this page is for u.

laz week was my best friend's ROM. she was the last one among us getting married.

we waited for tis day till neck long long liao.

we will very happy tat day coz it's like a mini gathering

Here are the pixs for the event.

5.30pm : preparing laz min things to bring down.

6.00pm : WHAT!!! anthony has not change!! guests will be coming in anytime soon!~

6.30pm: JP david loh is briefing the couple. and the rest is making sure all is ok.

7pm : guests all arrived. (phew lucky mostly malaysian.. if not sure start late)

teng teng teng teng~~

and of course we won't let anthony off..
saboing time!!!
pls enjoy the clips for best effect pls turn up the volume

makan time.

we were pampered with penang buffet spread.
we had DIY penang prawn mee
we had DIY ice kachang
they engage a satay man to bbq on the spot!!


and let me introduce the highlight!
Char Kway Teow
i tell u, this is one of the best i eaten without cockles

tks anthony tks rebec! we really enjoy the food!

okie now photo-taking time..

babes club

our newest member : kerris

and they live happily ever after

Apr 13, 2006


my best friend daughter kerris..

so cute.. but really look like the father man!

do babies always scream so loud?

serious! see another fine example

Apr 9, 2006


i was feeling very grouchy the whole day
so many things to do but dunnoe wat to do 1st

saw this video. it was an old email which i rec las yr.
aft seeing the clip i felt better.

Apr 8, 2006



target hit 不了

所以handphone 不用想。

hopefully this apr will be a good mth for me.


i wan to buy HP!!
i wan to go holiday!!
i wan to buy gucci!!
i wan to spend money!!

ok tat feels better.

piasey! kekekeke

ok lets forget tat. yesterday i stumble across a video which i think i very funny!
here two video clips for u to enjoy ur weekend.

the 1st one is by two korean gals very funny and entertaining..
the 2nd one is by two chinese boys. apparently they are now famous even in uk & spain
actually i couldnt decide whether to post all the chinese boys video or only one... coz all so funny.
so in the end i post the latest one. and is funny rite till the laz bit..
if u wan to see more let me know la.. will post up more if any demand.

and also let me know whether u like all these video k

oh ya remember to turn on your volume

Apr 7, 2006

i wan to watch~~

Apr 6, 2006

fast food song

woo~~ check tis out.


cute babe.