Feb 22, 2009

Ceilia n BB

Cecilia's darling daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday. I only have this pic..
Will add more later.

Feb 11, 2009

Back in biz! - huat ah!

Yesterday officially can start trading liao... but miss the ey opening.
End up traded simsci just to "kai chang" heng heng make 1 tick.. haha.. not very familiar with index.

Huat ah! :D

Feb 8, 2009

where's my car?

wif his cousin lica

LNY day 14

Had "yuen hsiao" dinner earlier coz mil was bz tmr.
our yuseng b4 abalone

wif abalone

Did I mention the gigantic plate?

our dinner - domiao wif abalone, shark fins soup
black pepper clayfish and fried ta-qee

Feb 6, 2009

saying cheerios

Eating his cheerios... did I mention he blurt out something which sounds like cheerios.. He was demand his grandma to open the cupboard and take out his cheerios but he already had alot so I said no. So he keep crying and pointing to the cupboard and mumbling.. and one of the mumbles sounds like cheerios.. And I got it recorded! Hee Hee...

his fav book

Every morning 1st time he does when he goes to the living room is to find his books and pass it either to me or to his PoPo. So we'll sit 2gether wif him and read to him.

Feb 3, 2009


YH loves cheerios

@home on 3rd day of LNY

Did not had too many dishes, but it was just nice for the 5 of us. There's rice and soup (4got what soup ;p)
Had mahjong after dinner..
Garlic prawn

prosperity abalone

Fa cai yu seng

yh n janelle

chu 2.
our new generation getting to know each other better.

the monkey

LNY day 1

Lunar New Year!
YH 2nd time collecting ang pao. We had plan the time to go out and wat time to feed him etc.. but he screw up our plan. His usual morning nap normally is 1hr max but today he slept half an hour more. End up I got to rush like mad. I couldn't dress up coz I still need to shower him.

at 3rd uncle's place. Every chu yi will be here.

YH 1st time join in the lohei

the yuseng

older generation and younger generation

the new generation

new generation very bz

more food

doing the gongxi gongxi

at 小阿姨 place.

Feb 2, 2009

bad table manner

We'll scold him whenever he put his leg up but he tot we are playing with him.