Sep 29, 2008

swimming over @ becky's - 20sept

ok admit there's alot of updates to be done.. so will do some cheating later.
laz sat went to becky's place.. was a las min thing so too bad FT cannot join us.

Weather was great and aft the swimming session, we had dinner n ice-cream.. yummy the durian favour was great!


The pooh bear is his fav.. Did I mention the yellow ear is now black..
haha coz YH loves to suck it.
This pic is taken tis morning

Sep 22, 2008

day out wif YH

Got too bored at home so decide to go kinokuniya to get my sudoku fixs

Went to paragon's raoul and YH charm another again

Had my coffee @ coffee club in kino

Oh no angry baby

ok la... milk milk time.

new adventure for bb

his new venture.. to climb up the sofa
and is the start of my nightmare