Nov 26, 2008

BB is high!

Took him for a walk and he was so excited.
Dunnoe why today extremely high.

Walking BB

Ever since yh took his 1st step he has been trying to walk by himself
and I manage to record it down.

Monkey on d bed

I was in the living when yh went into the bedroom. Aft 2mins of silence, i went to check on him. Got a shock! He manage to climb onto the bed and try to take the bottles on top of the side table. Quickly went to carry him in case he fall.
Really a monkey.

Nov 20, 2008

Cherry Liqueurs

Simply LOVE this!!!
lx bot this today, I almost forgotten I once loved this.
(have not eaten this since pregnant, and after that was breastfeeding).


Delicious sambal prawn

Simple meal for the two of us
sharkfin soup, samabl prawn and kailan

Nov 18, 2008

monkey in d kitchen

Cannot be alone in the living room.

hmm wat is dada doin???

Trying to climb to kaypoh..
(pic blurr coz he's jumping)

with precious again

He was crying so I use camera to distract him.

Nov 17, 2008

With my precious

It's sooo difficult to take a pic with YH nowadays
Took abt 8654 pics
(hey dun cover mommy's mouth)

ops mommy NG

ok something decent but still not very satisfied .

Nov 15, 2008

New Car Seat

The previous infant car seat is too small for him. Lucky he's ok with this one.
haha check out his hair.. seriously dunnoe why.

Nov 13, 2008


YH is 10mth & 4days old. So far he has shown us what he can do...
1) waves goodbye
2) Stand alone for less than a min
3) Walk 3 steps without support
4) Walk with support when in good mood
5) Open all cupboards and drawers (headache)
6) Put objects in containers
7) Flip books
8) Play (throw) ball
9) Understand "NO"
10) Say "eh" when he wants us to carry him or look at him, only say dada when he wanna play and mama when he's tired.
11)Understand these few words : book, ball, carry, no, put down, come down, byebye, shower time/pom pom, porridge, pooh bear, drink ur milk, water, let's go, here, some more. (brain freeze now.. cannot think of others.)

going to shower

little darlin 1st attempt to walk to the shower room. His fav activity of the day.

Nov 12, 2008

Busy bb

He's watching tv while munching on his flash card, humming at the same time. All tis done while standing up. Haha. Multi-task.

Nov 10, 2008

old pic

That day went back home and saw this 2 pic on my board so ask my sis to scan for me.

me and joeie(ft)

some other classmate of 2ac5

How time flies, the pics was like 13? 14? yrs ago.

Nov 9, 2008

darlin is 10mth old and his 1st steps

YH is 10mth today, so fast now is big baby already.

Today YH gave us a surprise, or rather he surprise his daddy. I wasn't there to witness it.
Yh was holding onto the bed when daddy said let's go, yh let go of his hand and walk 3 steps towards daddy..

We were so happy! After that we tried to encourage him to walk but only manage to walk towards me holding on to my hand.

Taken this morning when he woke up

Trying to eat his book

Nov 8, 2008

Kindermusik and Grandpa's bday

This morning woke up at 6am jus to cook YH's porridge so that we could attend the trial kindermusik class @9am. Lucky we reach there on time.

YH enjoy the class, he keep crawling forward to the teacher's and i keep pulling him back.
The class is fun but is very tiring for the mommy. I think i will consider coz wanna compare others like the GUG and JG, not forgetting gymboree.

Storytelling time.

YH with his friend BS

Today was lx's granddad's 90something bday and everyone cook their specialty. We bought the famous geylang satay since no time to cook.
YH got abit grouchy towards the end of the dinner coz he was feeling hot and tired.

YH enjoy playin wif his cousin.

(ps.. will be reposting with more pic coz not all from my camera.)

Nov 7, 2008


I wan some too!
Hey nice tattoo.

Nov 6, 2008

Another day @ joeie's

It's an hot afternoon. So YH is wearing a sleeveless top.
Went to Joeie(FT)'s again. Coz YH loves playing wif kerris and kerrin.
Although kerrin is abt his age, YH prefers to hang out wif kerris. haha, he like pretty gal.

Me with my two wifes. kekeke

playing wif xiao jie jie's walker

Kerris took out her number n alphabet's bean bag and YH start posing with them.

Standing up.

some more

joeie took LOTS of nice shots.. and I couldn't decide which one to post.. so end up so many pic.

my son is soooo cute.. (hee hee again)

nah! V = victory for obama..

Nov 5, 2008

Holding his milk bottle

YH have start holding the bottle by himself for more than 2 weeks now.
Sometimes he can be quite yay yay and use 1 hand to hold and the other holding his fav pooh.

This is how I drink

I can drink when I'm upside down too..

jus joking heehee

Nov 3, 2008

6 teeth.

Showing off 6 white teeth. 2 bottom and 4 on top.;-)

Nov 2, 2008

Dada n bb yh

Lick lick