Oct 8, 2009

On his way to sch.

I'm glad yh has been enjoying himself in sch.. He has picked up alot of new words too.. Now his fav song is "Wheel on the bus" and he can sing ~~all day long~~ after us..
Where is my bag mommy??

YH's school work

Apparently his wheels on the bus is crooked.
His ladybug made from paper plates

Bf on a rainy morning

Apr 28, 2009

A day at joo chiat & T3

Brought YH out the whole day. We wanted to try not cooking his meal and let him have a day of outside food.
Lunch was at Joo chiat's teochew porridge. (jus wanna play safe) Went to guanyin temple after that.

Waiting for porridge.


Ordered his fav fish and fish cake.

See his satisfied look.

Meet up wif Lina and andrew. They were ard the area.. Had coffee @ coffee club siglap

playing coaster with bs

Hair cut time.. coz alot says he's a girl! hahahaha

Went to sgh trying to buy his fav pooh bear but we couldnt find.

Dinner was at T3's coffee club.. Wanna go swensens but super long queue...

baby yh n daddy

YH had so much fun running ard.

Apr 4, 2009

YiYi and YH

Mar 28, 2009

water time with his new toy

loving his own bath time everyday..

I dun wanna come up.

Mar 21, 2009

watering can

New toy for yihong.. and he loves it!

Mar 4, 2009

Posted by YH

Just login to my blogger and saw 1 unfamiliar post in my blog..
the previous post (dated 1st march) was actually posted by my son. He was playing wif my phone and took that vid and post it thru my mobile... Oh man.. is he a genius or a terror. haha...

Mar 1, 2009

Feb 22, 2009

Ceilia n BB

Cecilia's darling daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday. I only have this pic..
Will add more later.

Feb 11, 2009

Back in biz! - huat ah!

Yesterday officially can start trading liao... but miss the ey opening.
End up traded simsci just to "kai chang" heng heng make 1 tick.. haha.. not very familiar with index.

Huat ah! :D

Feb 8, 2009

where's my car?

wif his cousin lica

LNY day 14

Had "yuen hsiao" dinner earlier coz mil was bz tmr.
our yuseng b4 abalone

wif abalone

Did I mention the gigantic plate?

our dinner - domiao wif abalone, shark fins soup
black pepper clayfish and fried ta-qee

Feb 6, 2009

saying cheerios

Eating his cheerios... did I mention he blurt out something which sounds like cheerios.. He was demand his grandma to open the cupboard and take out his cheerios but he already had alot so I said no. So he keep crying and pointing to the cupboard and mumbling.. and one of the mumbles sounds like cheerios.. And I got it recorded! Hee Hee...

his fav book

Every morning 1st time he does when he goes to the living room is to find his books and pass it either to me or to his PoPo. So we'll sit 2gether wif him and read to him.

Feb 3, 2009


YH loves cheerios

@home on 3rd day of LNY

Did not had too many dishes, but it was just nice for the 5 of us. There's rice and soup (4got what soup ;p)
Had mahjong after dinner..
Garlic prawn

prosperity abalone

Fa cai yu seng