Nov 29, 2006

something for baby hater

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funny babies vid

tis video will make u smile.


this baby is laughing and crying at the same time

Nov 28, 2006


dislike lizard.

can't imagine when they start to reproduce.

let just say 1 lizard produce 2 okie.
picture tis
2 lizard make 4
4 lizard make 8
8 lizard make 16
16 ...............32

"welcome to the gecko farm!"

Nov 24, 2006

hangzhou continue...

ok now we have visited three places in one day rite..
here the thing about joining tour.
we have one more place to cover.

a musical performance about the west lake some hundred years ago.

before the start of the performance, we were at their mini mock-up town.

ancient shops

i dunnoe what are these.

who wanna 啪马屁?

performace time.
(i still like the performance in jiuzhaigou).


i like this part best

Nov 23, 2006

jiangnan tour part 2 - hangzhou

day 2
we visited west lake (西湖) which is one of the most popular site.
it has the famous historic and scenic eg historical pagodas, cultural sites
not forgetting the natural beauty of the lake and hills.

i cannot remember how many tombs i visited during the tour
there are so many famous person to remember.

this belong to wusong, famous for slaying a tiger.

and this belong to someone famous also which i nv hear before.
tomb of su xiao xiao
(opps, accidentaly delete the picture)

lunch include the famous dongpo pork.
song dynasty poet- governor "su dongpo", dredged the lake and built up the su causeway,
he make it into another beautiful landmark of west lake. he also invented a special recipe for preparing pork.
which is the dongpo pork.
dongpo pork is on the menu of every restaurant in hangzhou.

another highlight is thejiaohua chicken or the beggar chicken.
i forgot the story. kekeke
i fell asleep when the tour guide touch on this part.

after lunch we went to lei feng pagoda.
the old & orginal pagoda has collapse years ago.
now is the new one being built on top of.

yap, this the legend which madme white snake jailed eternally in the leifeng pagoda.
this is how it look like before it collapse.

the old one inside the new.

on the way up the pagoda

inside the pagoda

on top pagoda

next destination
is also in west lake.
(in simple terms ; long bridge is not long, broken bridge is not broken and the third one
i guess is lonely moutain is not lonely.)

长桥是梁山伯与祝英台十八里相送的地方,断桥是许仙与白娘子相会的地方。长桥相送的故事我也早就听说过了,至于哪个是长桥,还是萍儿告诉我的,才知道原来 就在西湖边。长桥长,是因为祝英台一步一回头;断桥断,却说法尤多。游客们只管听着传说,也不会刨根问底地去深究断桥为什么叫断桥。忽然想起自己的一联: 断桥残雪掩断桥不断。

that is why i find this park so romantic. we spent about an hour strolling along the lake.
looking at sunset.

Nov 21, 2006

jiangnan tour part 1

my holiday.

- 8 days jiangnan/shanghai.: join tour because of the price. (big regret)

- 4 days beijing : free and easy coz my MIL and BIL was there.

- 3 days hongkong : free and easy (came free with the tour package.)

day 1
morning flight to shanghai.

after reach shanghai, we took a Shanghai Maglev Train to town.

airport to town about 30 km in 7min20s. (top speed @431km/h)

our ride hit 300km/h only.

had dinner at shanghai. no pics coz nothing fantastic.
headed to hangzhou after dinner.

day 2
spend only ONE day in hangzhou.
this is one of the must visit place.

Nov 18, 2006

i'm back

came back on thur.. so tired.

finally manage to finish all the packing.
hopefully tomorrow can load my pic,
but still need to sort out.
at least about 1000 plus of them.

Nov 2, 2006

shanghai here i come!!