May 30, 2006

stupid network

home wireless is down!!
no connection @ work too!!
no youtube to watch!!


May 22, 2006

happy anniversary

sat was our anniversary.
we went to sebastien's bistrot.
the last time i went there the food and service was excellent.
but sat was a disappointment.

we had escargot's for starter.
for main course i had scallops
and sian had lamb.

it sucks!!

maybe the chef was having pms.
initially, we wanted to order red wine.
but we are abit pissed with the service.
so we decide to adjourn to somewhere else.

we headed to this fantastic place.

it's over at dempsey road.
it's lovely
place nice
people friendly
ambience great.

May 16, 2006

photoshop dinner

yesterday was feeling grouchy again. sian cooked dinner for me.
simple meal but was feeling great!

i've photoshop the pic.
so wonderful! so many things u can play with photoshop.

here's my photoshop dinner.

May 15, 2006

kai - 6 mth

my nephew
so cute..
how i wish i can hugz him.
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May 14, 2006

cooking time

today me and sian took turns to cook.

i make dinner and he do lunch.

lunch - sian's

dinner - mua's

i cooked lamb steaks. it was delicious.
got the receipe from my gf.
it was her family receipe.
sorry i cant reveal to u. coz i've sworn to secrecy.

yaya i heard u ppl.
how come sian's look more appetising.

he believe more in "display"
i believe in taste.
watever looks good does not always taste good rite

mine is not "chaotat" k. i put dark soya sauce.

let's see wat shall i cooked next week.

cheap grocery

after visit luang phor at sembawang,
we went for some grocery shopping.

we went to giant @ sembawang shopping center
wah lau.. it look so cheapo!

but i jus want to get some necessity.
bought alot of stuff.
2 packets of rice
toilet rolls
kitchen rolls
tissue pappers
tons of potato chips
3 diff brands of maggie mee..
eggs, vege, chocolates, honey, bread,
ham, lucheon meat, drinks etc..

the trolleys is full! and u know wat?

the total bill was less than $60!!

damn worth it~!

and parking can claim some more.
no wonder the place is so packed.

although the place look like JB..
but is damn worth it.

luang phor

I went to look for luang phor on vesak day.
He still looked the same.
Gave us some blessings. he mention abt his
new chinese guanyin temple is completed,
and he would "an" his guanyin in june.

Dunnoe whether we can find time go up.
so long nv went up already.