Apr 30, 2007

spaghetti with white clam sauce

last nite i made lx's fav spaghetti with clam in white cream sauce
it's quite easy to make.. all cooked from basic, not pre-cooked sauce.

Apr 25, 2007

strawberry cheesecake

this is my 1st attempt in making a no-bake strawberry cheesecake.
i got the recipe from here --> cadenze's blog.
the end product is not suppose to look like below.. and what i've is two version.. a strawberry cheesecake and a failed cheesecake turn to a delicious dessert. If you have seen cadenze's blog you will know what i mean.

Now my husband loved it so much until he wanted me to make this again tomorrow!
aargghhh. He love the taste but says i use the wrong cream that why the cake looks like this.. (as if he knows)

although is abit ugly.. but the taste is perfect!

Looks ugly as a cake but looks perfect for a dessert.

think i will try it again and again till i got it right

Apr 21, 2007

tonite's dinner

Heh heh.. I had tepanyaki at home laz week.
I'm gonna have it again tonite..

Apr 14, 2007


lx toast the butter biscuits for breakfast.
den he put beside my computer and i was busy wif my work..

me: tks
lx : u not taking pics?
me: nope busy now.
lx: chey but i see these few days u seems like forever taking pic so i get nice nice plates for u.
me : .... eerr ok la.. nah take my phone and take pics for me k.
lx: k
(5mins later, he still taking pictures)
me: ooi.. no need to take so many pic and take so long.
lx: now you know har.
me: .......... -_-|||
lx : hahahahaha

Apr 12, 2007

breakfast @ jalan kakyu

the plan was to have prata for breakfast but we saw this shop was crowded so we decide to try (typically s'porean).

when lx order at the counter, he ordered the drinks 1st from this ah ma. and before he can continue ordering the food, another younger lady (which look like the boss) came in.. the ah ma just walk away.
and saying... "this man only order drinks only ar..."
WAH LAU.. haven't finish ordering k! old can bully ppl meh!
grouchy old lady.
no need waste time go there la..

i had pork cutlet noodles ($3.50)
they also have chicken cutlet noodles($4.50)

lx had chicken feet noodles ($3.50)..
coz he doesn't like wanton.

side dish was fried wanton($?)
(actually there is more wanton.. Hee)

noodles is good.. v Q
i only say noodles is good k.. and not the rest.

Apr 11, 2007

food again!

last thur we had home-cooked cum "tabao" dinner.
egg in bittergoud

the soupy stuff was drunken prawns
and calamari


cod fish and the green plate below is ginseng leafs(we grow them)

oh ya i promise to tell you about the patissier cake rite..

how's the cake?? not very good.. at least is not up to my expectation lor.
so abit disappointed.
i give it 3 star out of 5..
becoz of the jelly layer which is the translucent part..
they put a rose petal in it... and the jelly capture the rose fragrance.
it impress me lor but only that part only.

Apr 10, 2007

game time

ok no time for new post..
you can keep urself entertain here while i update k.

*Warning* Highly addictive! Click on block groups of three or more to destroy them but avoiding clicking singles and doubles.

Apr 5, 2007


Jane wanted me to post up more pics..
But i already say now my life is super boring liao ma, so i can only offer her this..
Hee.. More of Me Me and ME.

This is a picture before leaving the house.
Nowadays too lazy to put on makeup.
so dun say things like.. "wah everyday stay at home and sleep also have dark eye ring k."

my dark eye ring is there to stay (unfortunately)

After lunch and in the car waiting for lx.

Can you tell lx is forced to take this picture..

oh ya... I was so angry with myself this morning.
Coz I forgot to order my fav cake for tonite!!!
ok.. I was suppose to get a cake for my MIL's pre-birthday, Coz she won't be in town on her birthday.

I wanted to call patissier yesterday but i forgot!
Wanted to order my fav fav fav Passion Fruit Meringue.
But you need to pre-order in adv.. so no choice lor.. i got another cake which i have not tried before.

Passion Fruit Meringue
Meringue sponge filled with passion fruit mousse with fresh Mango and Strawberries.

Affection (the one which i got for tonite.)
Rose jelly in between layers of vanilla sponge and lychee chibous.

will update about the cake tmr.
tonite is mahjong time! (ps. now i play real money instead of chips)

Apr 4, 2007

working together with kids

buay tahan.

Little boy (LB) stuck with his homework and me damn busy monitoring the market and my position.

LB : I dunnoe how to do this question can you help me.
Me : sure but not now. Can you do others 1st.
(i know he has tons of homework which have not complete yet.)
after 1 min.
LB : are you free now?
Me : later k.
after 30 sec.
LB : are you free now?
Me : not yet
after 10 sec
LB : are you free now?
Me : no
LB : are you free now?
Me : NO!
LB : are you free now? are you free now? areyoufreenowareyoufreenowareyoufreenow......
Me : ............ -_-|||
(gives up and help him).

but afterall he still a baby.
all that happens a while ago.
and today DEJA VU~~~

LB : you want to eat my kids' mulit-vitamins pills?
Me : no, I'm not a kid
LB : do you wan to try one?
Me : no.
(trying to concentrate trading..)
LB : hey it's very nice. nah.. take one.
Me : no.
LB : try la.. take one.
Me : no
LB : take lah.
Me : no.
LB : nah. (giving me the pill)
Me : no pls dun disturb me. I'm busy.
(LB pushing the pill near to my mouth.. and i turn my head away.)
LB : take la.. it's very nice one.
Me : .............. -_-|||

But he is normally quiet and obedient boy, serious.
Is only when i got position and normally bad position then he behave this way.

Hmmm, is this a sign??


I haven't gotten much done these days. I've just been hanging out waiting for something to happen. Basically nothing exciting happening today. Not much on my mind worth mentioning. I just don't have much to say lately. Today was a total waste of time again, but eh.

I have been such a bored.. Imagine I can even post up pictures of TOWELS. (total BoReD)

Lifeless. Totally Lifeless.

Apr 3, 2007

my new towel.

I've quite a no. of new towels which i have not use before.
But this is nice! My MIL bought for us.

anything do with rabbits is nice.. hee

Apr 2, 2007

baby shower

Cecilia had a baby gal laz mth. Was invited to the baby shower.

see how small the baby is..

post april fool

you know you are getting old when april fools' day past without you realising it.
looking back in school days when everyone is trying to "trick" you into something.

In primary school. Basically all jokes seems so funny but in fact is all damn lame.

Girl A (A) : hey, there you drop ur wallet.
Girl B (B) turn ard and look at the floor.
(A) : APRIL FOOL!~~~
(B) : shit, kenna trick, wahahahahaha
(A) : whahahahaha

In Secondary school. boys and girls start to make good use of this day

Boy : hey, i've notice you for a long time already. do you wanna be my girlfriend.
Girl : eh... ah.... NO!
Boy : APRIL FOOL!~~~
Girl : GGRRR

This is for those who dun dare to express themselves in fear of rejection.

For me, I remember when i was in high school, you have no fear of everything.

That fateful morning, our 1st lesson was.. errr.. wat was it?? econs? law? anyway that poor sweet teacher was very timid and we decide to play a prank on her. We put a fake cockroach in the attendance file.
When she came in, we were unusually quiet. hahahahaha
and she when she open the file her instant reaction was scream and jump sideway 3 steps away from her table. Just imagine a crab jumping.. hahaha hilarious.

In deed. whatever you hear or read, it may not be true.

Here some of the nice reads. Click Here.

Here one nice prank too.