Oct 31, 2008

funny sleeping position

I love the way my son sleep.. so cute n adorable
My mom says he sleeps like me last time.

Decide to dig out all the old pics of his different style. heehee

this was taken today

sleeping with his BFF pooh bear





angel style (the perfect sweet dream position)

Oct 30, 2008

hei bai

who's black and who's white

Oct 29, 2008

Kerrin jie jie and naughty boy.

YH had a fun-filled afternoon with xiao jie jie.

1. K : didi drinking milk!
2. K : Can I have some?
YH : No

3. K : Let me try some Formula milk plsss... I drink breast milk everyday very sian liao.
YH ignore jie jie.

4. YH : Let's play
K : Dun friend you.
5. K : Hmpf.
YH : oh oh.

6. Play by themselves

7. K : ok la... we play together.
YH : Yeah!

8. Big jie jie wake up already.
YH n K : Let's run!!!

Oct 28, 2008

Who'r responsible?

Who mess up my neatly folded clothes?

Oct 9, 2008

New Walker for BB

BB is 9th month old today. We went for his 9mth assessment.
He's 9kg n 75cm.

After check up, his dada bot him a walker from kiddy palace. Coz he start to push the stools ard the house.

exploring his new walker.

a happy n tired bb

vid of his 1st attempt! (sorry got to see sideway.)