Jun 28, 2008

naughty sick cat

BB was sick for 2 days
Fever, BUt but.. he still so active!!!
woke up a couple of times at nights jus to fuss abit.

Oh ya! It's my birthday today!!
and stupid lx still go for golf!

Jun 26, 2008

BB is sick


Jun 25, 2008

3rd 6-in-1 jab

Brought the naughty boy for his 3rd dose of 6-in-1 jab.
He's a brave little boy, never cry, only fuss abit when needle poke in.

He's now 8.2kg, 68cm.

After the jab he sleep like a log

Jun 24, 2008

Just another day and day3 of solids

Morning as usual, he is my alarm clock.
When I woke up he was licking and scratching his playpen.
Urghh, so dirty... I think this is just the beginning of exploring things with your mouth.

After finishing his milk, he refuse to give me his bottle, keep biting the teats.

Day 3 of Rice Cereal.
Not bad. Finished 3teaspoon of cereal. But after that keep crying, not sure whether wants more cereal or he's just cranky.

Performing stance \

2nd set of performance..
now he can "kneel" and wobble front and back.

Finally after all the "workout".
(hey dont stare at me when I'm drinking!)

(BB pls don't wake mommy up so early again..)

Jun 23, 2008

Flip while sleeping

This few nites I've been woken by him in the middle of the night.
Coz he flip while sleeping and couldn't flip back, so he cried for help.

And just now he took his nap and he flip again.

First Solid Food

Yesterday gave bb his 1st taste of rice cereal
I've bought Heinz Baby Rice Cereal from NTUC.
Reason why I choose Heniz baby RC is
NO added sugar or salt

His menu till today so far is :
8am : 180ml FM
11am : 150ml BM followed by 2teaspoon rice cereal mix with 30ml BM
2.30pm : 180ml BM
5.30pm : 180ml FM/BM (if still have BM)
8.30pm : 180ml FM after that will zonked out till next day.

He drinks alot compare to babies his age. My supply cannot meet his demand. haha
Oh Well, Cant wait to stop BF.

Jun 20, 2008

one pic b4 going to bed

see my tired face

Jun 14, 2008

Swimming with BB

It was a sunny day but water still quite cold
so swim less than 10mins.

BB enjoying himself

Jun 12, 2008

pretty little jie jie

jie jie kerin is lighter than YH!

Oh come I sayang you

I soo happy.. yum yum

Jun 9, 2008

5 mth today

I'm 5mth old today

now learning to sit without support
1st time let go of him,
I was surprise that he could sit for so long (2mins)

Jun 3, 2008

reading time

yummy, auntie Florence got YH the emlo book is so tasty.

rainbow over yh.. hee

play time

Jun 2, 2008

new haircut

yh has his haircut yesterday.
daddy say he look more mischievous with his new look.

Before and after hair cut