Dec 29, 2006

Late Posting 4

25 dec 2006

Merry Xmas!~~

i was full of xmas spirit today!
bought honey-baked-ham for breakfast.
oh ya, a note for those who like streaky bacon.
nv buy cheap ones from NTUC. those from cold-storage is
much-much-much-much better and less fats.
jus pay slightly more only.

xmas day breakfast

Late Posting 3

24 dec 2006

wat can be better than having a xmas eve dinner at home.
sick n tired of having dinner at over-priced-and-mass-production-set-dinner restaurant.

dinner was easy.
it was prepare by hue's delights caterer. (hee)
salad - (nope cancel coz forgotten to buy dressing)
soup - clam chowder
main course - lamb cutlet
dessert - me of course. kekeke..

and not forgeting my fav red wine.

Late Posting 2

23 dec 2006

we woke up late today.
so much hse work to do!
and still got to do some marketing for tmr.

arrive @ great world city's cold storage at abt 7pm.
i was at the vege's section looking for a nice tomato.
f**k! damn expensive. those 21ct/100gms ones were like light orange in colour
nicer but smaller ones was like selling for $3 for 6..
better get fresh ones tmr morning from market better.
i need to buy some lamb cutlets to marinate 1st for tmr dinner.

guess who i saw at the supermkt.
jane n roy!! yeah! i was like going : "where is joel?"
Hee Hee.. think jne n roy was like immune to it liao.
i was forever going crazy over him since he was little.
and wat most melt my heart is he still remember me. (i hope)
can't stop hugging him.
and when he saw lx his eyes was going "i miss u uncle lx"
all becoz lx was eating an ice-cream.
oohhh!! give me tat big tub of ice-cream!

me and joel! (glee~~)

joel 2 years ago.. as cute as ever.

Late Posting

Alot of backdated pics to post.

22 Dec 2006

me and lx went to kz's hse for xmas party!
a few of us only.
We change our plans of western dinner to a local curry delights
coz some of them got to work late
and lina rush over at once when she reach changi airport.
Xmas log cake was fantastic! reis got it from bakerzin.
Mahjong start from 10pm lasted till 8am!!!
damn shiok! so long nv play mahjong already.

Dec 18, 2006

mon blue

Wat a monday to start! Toothache!
Had a busy Weekend.
Busy doing house-work on sat.
At nite, we send my MIL to the airport, she leaving for paris!
So envy..
Sun i went to my secondary classmate's house.
Her baby shower cum elder daughter's birthday celebration.
plus it's also our classmate yearly gathering.
This year attendance is so poor.
Hopefully next year can have full attendance.

And it doesnt help having a toothache!
I'm so afraid to extract my wisdom (tooth).


Dec 16, 2006

four kitties

my aunt's four little babies.

eeee.. so cute!.. one extremly playful one extremly bo chap, one extremly lazy and one extremly timid.

Dec 1, 2006


me and my MIL visit a relative.
lx's niece is so sweet.. she's very talkative.
she serve me different ice-cream cones and tubs of ice-cream.
it's actually her new toy which her aunt bought from one of the shops in vivio city.
i have not been to the new vivio city coz heard it's crowded even on a weekday.
anyway this shop is from japan and all the toys is made of wood. very interesting.
does anyone know what is the name of the shop? plssss let me know k..

ok. after ice-cream we went to her mini-garden to get some fresh vege for dinner.
she keeps telling me me that's her kangkong! (i guess maybe she jus plant the seeds.)
tsk tsk.

showing off her kangkong.

this is part of the garden..
can you tell what vegetables are these?

i love gardening..
you can have fresh vegetables everyday!
it's not about saving money but having fresh n pesticide-free food.