Feb 20, 2007

Feb 19, 2007

CNY day 1

every year is the same.. everybody will gather here for lunch and exchanging of angbao..
yes i know i only give angbao never collect.

and the star of the year is of course kai who came back here for holiday
everyone of us have not seen him before.

therefore everyone wanna take a pic of him

and also with him too

two little cutie pie

lx and me

Feb 18, 2007

reunion dinner

reunion dinner was simple one but too bad the mala was not 100% hot, coz i think only i can take that much spice.
large size pics look better rite.

Feb 15, 2007

Hit the penguin

this game is addictive.
aim and hit the penguin. make penguin fly as far as possible!
my furthest is only 306.4.
can you beat me?!

update : my highest now is 323.6

who can park!

this game is not easy..
can you do it?

kai is back

my SIL is back for new year.. so is kai.
finally can hug him for all we can.

he is still having jetlag..
so at about 3 or 4 or 5am u can hear him laughing, giggling, crying

this year chinese new year will be more 热闹.

Feb 14, 2007

dinner plans

this few days i was so occupied with my little nephew that i forgot is already valentine!
we will be going for "mala steamboat".. Hee hee.

it will be a "HOT" valentine

happy valentine!

i cannot decide which pic to put, so i just post both of them.

Feb 11, 2007

Girls Nite Out

me and my ex-colleagues gathering!
dinner was at sakura! we jus love the same stuff! Food.

OYSTERS! one of my fav!
Sakura really serve good oysters! FRESH & GOOD.
I had like a dozen of so.

xiao lan sampling the food.

xiao lan & belle

it was belle's bdae! so we nv got any cake but bluff off wif sakura's

me & beh beh

so the gals was saying went will be the next outing..

Beh : So how abt the 3nd day of CNY come over?
Bell : Har?! i tot it should be yearly outing kind of thing!
Lan : But Beh Beh won't be in S'pore for 2-3 years leh..
Me : anything lor.. shoud be no problem

while i'm bz eating my oyster i nv notice/hear wat they are talking about.

Bell (laughing) : so charbo, comfirm har..
all start to laugh again... then i realise something was going on..

all of them have kids while i have none.
Bell - 1 kid
Beh - 2 kid
Lan - 3 kid
total = 6 kid. which is like 6 ang bao!!
oh no!

How i miss those ang bao collecting times!

Feb 9, 2007

it's a doggie day

on this faithful day, i have witness the most cruel mind boggling event.

lx was attack by 2 fierce dogs.

the culprits. (really really merciless)

the process....

and guess wat happen!!
they only want to take some pictures with me and lx.(heehee)
looovveee this pic below.. cute rite!!! see how the tongue was capture.

Hee hee.. black beauty

mics pics

after all the running abt an playing.... ariel left alots of salvia on lx's lap.

ok now mj time.

Feb 8, 2007

Say Cheese!

recently i'm abit annoyed with the pictures i took wif my k800i..
although it's a 3.2MP camera phone, the quality still cannot compare wif a decent camera.

so now i wanna get a really really good camera..
after surfing the net, i found wat i'm looking for!

Nikon DSLR D40

cool rite!~
this was the review from the website :

The most compact and lightweight Nikon digital SLR ever, combining outstanding picture quality with a design that's easy for everyone.

hmm easy for everyone! tat means even for me!
maybe this will be my new hobby! photography!

but seems abit bulky for me leh... hiagzz.

aiya now so confuse again! should i get this or a normal digital camera
never mind la.. jus work hard and see my result in 3 months time den i can decide.