Mar 18, 2006

Beijing part 1

was in Beijing for abt 10 days. work was too stressfully! tat y need to get out. althot was a laz min decision but it was worth it. yiipee!!

the infamous 天安门广场.

the strawberry糖葫芦。 it was supper yummy!

check out the exotic food..
but the 臭豆腐was good.

i tell u the 羊肉串 is sibey sibey sibey shiok!.. and nope
i did not have a stomachache.

food glorious food!!

we had peking duck for like 3days?
u can imagine how much weight i put on.

peking duck no.1

peking duck no2

peking no. 3

so hungry already...

sze chuan resturant.
this is speciality dishes..

1. raw beef
2. oil being boiled wif a hot pebble inside
beef is begin pour in.
3. cooked beef for abt 10 mins
4. beef cooked n served.

1 & 2

3 & 4

look yummy rite.

my cousin cooked "muay chee"

okie. need to get prepare to go out..
more pics coming.

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