May 14, 2006

cheap grocery

after visit luang phor at sembawang,
we went for some grocery shopping.

we went to giant @ sembawang shopping center
wah lau.. it look so cheapo!

but i jus want to get some necessity.
bought alot of stuff.
2 packets of rice
toilet rolls
kitchen rolls
tissue pappers
tons of potato chips
3 diff brands of maggie mee..
eggs, vege, chocolates, honey, bread,
ham, lucheon meat, drinks etc..

the trolleys is full! and u know wat?

the total bill was less than $60!!

damn worth it~!

and parking can claim some more.
no wonder the place is so packed.

although the place look like JB..
but is damn worth it.


Kerris Tan said...

tot giant everywhere same??? u mean sembawang one cheaper???

hue said...

hmm i dunnoe leh. but it's cheaper than my usual shopping.