Nov 21, 2006

jiangnan tour part 1

my holiday.

- 8 days jiangnan/shanghai.: join tour because of the price. (big regret)

- 4 days beijing : free and easy coz my MIL and BIL was there.

- 3 days hongkong : free and easy (came free with the tour package.)

day 1
morning flight to shanghai.

after reach shanghai, we took a Shanghai Maglev Train to town.

airport to town about 30 km in 7min20s. (top speed @431km/h)

our ride hit 300km/h only.

had dinner at shanghai. no pics coz nothing fantastic.
headed to hangzhou after dinner.

day 2
spend only ONE day in hangzhou.
this is one of the must visit place.


BIG said...

Huh?? like that only? What happened to 1000 over photos of Shanghai???

hue said...

sorry no time la..
unable to post all.
send u the photo link ok?