Dec 1, 2006


me and my MIL visit a relative.
lx's niece is so sweet.. she's very talkative.
she serve me different ice-cream cones and tubs of ice-cream.
it's actually her new toy which her aunt bought from one of the shops in vivio city.
i have not been to the new vivio city coz heard it's crowded even on a weekday.
anyway this shop is from japan and all the toys is made of wood. very interesting.
does anyone know what is the name of the shop? plssss let me know k..

ok. after ice-cream we went to her mini-garden to get some fresh vege for dinner.
she keeps telling me me that's her kangkong! (i guess maybe she jus plant the seeds.)
tsk tsk.

showing off her kangkong.

this is part of the garden..
can you tell what vegetables are these?

i love gardening..
you can have fresh vegetables everyday!
it's not about saving money but having fresh n pesticide-free food.

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