Jan 10, 2008

my birth story

It took me 10mths to write this.. (and I actually backdate this post to jan08)

I remember I had a gynae appt on the mon morning(7th Jan). My gynae, Yvonne told me I'm already dilated by 1.5cm and baby is engaged. Waterbag level is good and no contractions yet. Since already overdue, Yvonne gave us an option to induce. So we choose it on the 9th. The doc was abit worried at 1st coz I'm already 1.5cm dilated and maybe baby wont wait till the 9th.

5.30am woke up to have shower and check my bag.

6.15am leave the house. dun wanna be late and also was excited.
7am reach TMC and process to 2nd floor.

7.45am enter the birth room where Yvonne came and did assessment. Was given a drip to hasten contraction and my waterbag was broke too. (ouch).
8am Breakfast was bread and milo from TMC and lx went out for his too. I had chicken essence aft the meal.
and the waiting game starts.
Of course must take photo ma!

11am finish straits times and now reading new paper

12pm contraction already kicked in for abt 2hrs now and is bearable.

12.18pm - 1.09pm camwhoring with contraction kicking in..

1.20pm contractions seems unbearable and ask for laughing gas

2pm onwards

from then on, I lost track of time. But the laughing gas seems to work but not for long.

4pm, the midwife came and check and keep asking me to take the injection. I tot she meant by taking the epidural so I said no. She came in to check at least abt 3times and the last time she promise me that the injection would take away 50% of the pain. So I gave in.. At least is not the epidural. I'm 100% against epidural, just worried that something might go wrong and worst still, side effect for the rest of my life. Felt so much better aft the injection. But the pain is getting intense.

5pm Contraction is almost every min. And the pain is no joke. (Actually I kinda enjoy the pain... heehee sadist) If the midwife says wat I'm feeling now is only 50% of the pain... I wonder how 100% feels like.. anyway... I told the midwife I feel like passing motion so she did a cervix check but she says bb not down yet ask me not to push.. But I nv push, is my body which is trying to push. Aft abt 15mins, I told the midwife I really cannot control and feel like pushing.. So the
midwife got yvonne down.
Yvonne did a check and says I'm 9cm dilated but bb not down yet. At this point of time my blood starts to clog, so she decides to let me try pushing.

Everything is in place and everyone is ready for me to push.. I tried to push but on the 3rd try the doc says bb seems like not coming down yet. And my blood clog is not helping too. So dr gave me 2 choice, forceps or caesarean, but she's not confident in using forceps. No words can describe how I felt aft hearing that. I told them I wanna try to push again but no use, bb refuse to come down. I decides to GA coz no-no epi for me. And everyone starts to prepare for the op. And they really prepare very fast, like wat u see in the show ER. Coz is emergency so everything must be fast fast.

My darlin came out @6pm.

So sad, I nv experience the teary moment of carrying the bb wif the cord still attached. And lx nv experience cutting the cord too. It took me very long to get over this. I'm still feeling sad over this. I so much badly wanted a natural birth.
TO be continued.....

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