Jun 24, 2008

Just another day and day3 of solids

Morning as usual, he is my alarm clock.
When I woke up he was licking and scratching his playpen.
Urghh, so dirty... I think this is just the beginning of exploring things with your mouth.

After finishing his milk, he refuse to give me his bottle, keep biting the teats.

Day 3 of Rice Cereal.
Not bad. Finished 3teaspoon of cereal. But after that keep crying, not sure whether wants more cereal or he's just cranky.

Performing stance \

2nd set of performance..
now he can "kneel" and wobble front and back.

Finally after all the "workout".
(hey dont stare at me when I'm drinking!)

(BB pls don't wake mommy up so early again..)

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