Nov 13, 2008


YH is 10mth & 4days old. So far he has shown us what he can do...
1) waves goodbye
2) Stand alone for less than a min
3) Walk 3 steps without support
4) Walk with support when in good mood
5) Open all cupboards and drawers (headache)
6) Put objects in containers
7) Flip books
8) Play (throw) ball
9) Understand "NO"
10) Say "eh" when he wants us to carry him or look at him, only say dada when he wanna play and mama when he's tired.
11)Understand these few words : book, ball, carry, no, put down, come down, byebye, shower time/pom pom, porridge, pooh bear, drink ur milk, water, let's go, here, some more. (brain freeze now.. cannot think of others.)

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