Jan 9, 2009

My son is 1 year old!

It's been a year already. My little baby has grown to a toddler now.
Just a year ago, I'm still in the labour ward having contractions pain at this time. This time I remember I was having the laughing gas already. Alot of feelings right now. Lifestyle has change because of his arrival but all is worth it once you see his cute face.

Last nite at the stroke of midnite, we wished him happy birthday at kk hospital's children emergency. Send him for a check because he vomited quite forcefully after his milk feed. He's okay now, should be indigestion bah. He is super grouchy since then. Hopefully he'll be ok later. We should be bringing him to the botanics garden.

oh ya, last week we had his birthday party @ aloha loyang. We booked the chalet for 2jan/3jan.
We got to the place at about 9pm on fri(2jan) and we got a shock of our life! Ants are literately everywhere. REally everywhere. I saw 1 wall tiles is black in colour and once u walk nearer, u can see an army of ants on that patch. OMG almost fainted.. I would love to take a pic of that and post it here but i was carrying YH and couldnt handle a camera then. lx washed the floor and spray insecticide and lucky by next morning it's all gone. Luckily the bedrooms are okay, if not i would insists to go home. Chalet's pics r next.

Before the party

The party

His pooh bear cake!

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