Apr 8, 2006



target hit 不了

所以handphone 不用想。

hopefully this apr will be a good mth for me.


i wan to buy HP!!
i wan to go holiday!!
i wan to buy gucci!!
i wan to spend money!!

ok tat feels better.

piasey! kekekeke

ok lets forget tat. yesterday i stumble across a video which i think i very funny!
here two video clips for u to enjoy ur weekend.

the 1st one is by two korean gals very funny and entertaining..
the 2nd one is by two chinese boys. apparently they are now famous even in uk & spain
actually i couldnt decide whether to post all the chinese boys video or only one... coz all so funny.
so in the end i post the latest one. and is funny rite till the laz bit..
if u wan to see more let me know la.. will post up more if any demand.

and also let me know whether u like all these video k

oh ya remember to turn on your volume

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