Apr 23, 2006

dreaming again

life is so boring.
u grow up, graduate, start working life, marry, have children, have grand children and die.

(bascially tat's all)

and there is a regular course of procedure
to fulfill each day.
start on mon.
wake up, work, lunch, work, dinner, tv, sleep. tis carry on for five days
wake up late, go out meet friends, coffee, dinner, watches vcd sleep.
wake up late again, laundry, do hsework, dinner, tv and sleep.

each day i had 7 hrs of sleep, 3 hrs of meals (which include breakfast, lunch, teabreak ,dinner ),10 hrs of work, 2 hrs of tv and doin homework for my STI (in case u wondering.. is my new hobby trading singapore straits times index). this means that i only left with 2 hrs of personal time with my family.

take my life! how i wish we can have something like those students exchange. u go study in and different environment.
imagine i can trade a day's time wif a futures broker in chicago mercantile exchange. or jus imagine become one of donald trumps lover or wife. if not i dun mind begin angelina jolie. In fact i wan to be angelina jolie!

hi! i'm angelina jolie hue. hee hee...

see we have the same tattoo..

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