Sep 24, 2006


i'm a chilli lover.
so i decided to grow my own chilli padi to satisfy my carving

so i took some seeds and "try" it out.
i plant the seeds in a plastic container.

two days later .. woo hoo!

alrite. seems to be growing well.
what i would do now is to transfer to a bigger pot.

next i make sure the roots are deep into the soil.
and i wait again lor.

oh ya.. remember more water.

ok so far so good.
my 小辣椒
can't wait to harvest it!

To Be Cont.............


Kerris Tan said...

hey i also have 2 chlli padi at home leh. one real and one fake... real one is of couse the plant with lots of chillies lah. the fake one u shd know lah. it's my princess kerris lah. ehe hee hehe

Wong said...

like tat also can.

hue said...

kerris - no wonder the dinner is chongqin. this blog inspire u to have dinner there?