Sep 30, 2006

bye bye open-outcry

time really flies without giving u any warning.
i realise only after reading the papers that open-cry last day was yesterday.

also see, last open outcry

i joined Simex (now SGX) in 1999,
still can remember what the feeling like on the 1st day of job.
the floor was deafening,as the traders was shouting their
desired trades. and they are showing all different hand
signals almost like cursing and swearing at each other.

after getting hang of the job i understood.
hand signals actually is quite fun. it's like a language of its own.
these hand signals enable fast communication
between the order fillers in the pits and
linemens, and also between the traders in the pit.

we were at oub center till last year september when we shift to
the present SGX center.

i became a local in jul 2006.
trading for yourself and working for people is totally different.
you know then whether they are "genuine" anot. most of them are hypocrite
but i still miss those people though.
miss the gossips, miss the stupid jokes,
miss all the nonsenses.

i love it when market moves.
you can actually feel the adrenaline rush.
miss those feeling already.
i still remember there was once when i was holding a position,
i need to go for a toilet break.
it only take me abt 5 mins and
by the time i came back to the floor, i was down by
about US$2,500. (and that a very cheap lesson)
so jus imagine, you can easily lose in a day than make in a year.

now is the era of new technology.
everybody is forced to screen-trading.
i'm not spared also.
so now i'm back to square one.
trying to find some commodity which i can handle or like.

wish myself all the best, and all the lucks!

the old exchange @oub center
3rd floor.

this is the staircase which leds to the fourth floor. i hate this staircase when i was a runner coz of the high steps

some old pics which i found from my files
and some pics abv got it from jordon.

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found this clip in youtube. wat the heck.

the new exchange @ SGX center

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