Feb 8, 2007

Say Cheese!

recently i'm abit annoyed with the pictures i took wif my k800i..
although it's a 3.2MP camera phone, the quality still cannot compare wif a decent camera.

so now i wanna get a really really good camera..
after surfing the net, i found wat i'm looking for!

Nikon DSLR D40

cool rite!~
this was the review from the website :

The most compact and lightweight Nikon digital SLR ever, combining outstanding picture quality with a design that's easy for everyone.

hmm easy for everyone! tat means even for me!
maybe this will be my new hobby! photography!

but seems abit bulky for me leh... hiagzz.

aiya now so confuse again! should i get this or a normal digital camera
never mind la.. jus work hard and see my result in 3 months time den i can decide.

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