Feb 11, 2007

Girls Nite Out

me and my ex-colleagues gathering!
dinner was at sakura! we jus love the same stuff! Food.

OYSTERS! one of my fav!
Sakura really serve good oysters! FRESH & GOOD.
I had like a dozen of so.

xiao lan sampling the food.

xiao lan & belle

it was belle's bdae! so we nv got any cake but bluff off wif sakura's

me & beh beh

so the gals was saying went will be the next outing..

Beh : So how abt the 3nd day of CNY come over?
Bell : Har?! i tot it should be yearly outing kind of thing!
Lan : But Beh Beh won't be in S'pore for 2-3 years leh..
Me : anything lor.. shoud be no problem

while i'm bz eating my oyster i nv notice/hear wat they are talking about.

Bell (laughing) : so charbo, comfirm har..
all start to laugh again... then i realise something was going on..

all of them have kids while i have none.
Bell - 1 kid
Beh - 2 kid
Lan - 3 kid
total = 6 kid. which is like 6 ang bao!!
oh no!

How i miss those ang bao collecting times!


gap said...

Don't worry my friend i lend u both my kids then u can go do collection, but my kids collection must return me ok. Keep the kids if u want !!! hahaha

hue said...

let's see.. now i got 3 kids already.. i need 3 more at least to break even! more for profits! (will share commission with parents)