Dec 26, 2008

xmas day

It's our 1st xmas with YH... BUT we nv buy anything for him! haha.. Nv realise that until his shu shu gave him a present. Tot he'll be too young to know also.. Luckily he got 1 present to keep record.

Yeah! My pressies

After Lunch, we went to robinson sales to check out for any yum deal on the mattress which my mil is eyeing for a while. But it was sooo crowded. In the end, we ended up at marina sq to satisfy our shopping craving. Got some stuff for the goodies bag.
Dinner was at this place selling sarawak loko mee(i think tat wat is called.) coz other nicer restaurant is so packed. And the pariss restaurant say will call me once it's my turn (my queue was no.9) BUT they did not call at all!
But the loko mee was nice.. and YH loves it too.

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