Jun 18, 2006

delayed postings of bangkok.

was supposed to post this earlier.
as usual, too busy at work.

reached bangkok at abt noon time so we headed straight to the hotel.
we stay at
the davis hotel.

but we never really spent much time in the hotel.

the room very cheeky rite. the other pic is taken from inside the toilet.
of course, in case u wondering. the curtain was down the whole time.

after we check in, we went ahead to the four-faced Buddha over at erawan.
our SOP everytime we reached bangkok.

after that, we went to have our late lunch at our fav place.

tom yum soup and pasta wif chicken.

but this is our fav!! deep-fried fish wif hot sauce.

they have a few outlets in town. wan to know where it is?

in bangkok, they have cafe by hotels, like this oriental hotel cafe.
they serve very good pastries.

but this is one of my fav.
the greyhound cafe in bangkok is very popular.
the singapore PS cafe also have the same concept as the greyhound cafe.

below is another greyhound branch over at siam paragon.

we went thong lor shopping.. but i nv really take much pic coz it was too warm
and i was feeling abt grouchy. (nothing new.)

loved the stuff there. i bot a limited edition addidas there too.
alot of nice things but comes wif a price tag.

this is where i bought my shoes.

saw this on the streets of thong lor.
(dat's the last thing i would eat in bangkok.)

on sat, there is a ceremony marking the 60th
anniversary of King Bhumibol Adulyadej's ascension to the throne.

that nite,
we went to the
state tower for a drink.
the view was spectacular.

the bar.

fireworks lights up the sky.
from 3 different we saw. north east and west.
all fireworks from afar.

but my camera only able to capture the nearest.

hmm still not clear?
how abt some vid?

Day 3 was at chatuchak weekend market.

actually nothing much to buy there.
i've been there so many times already.
but the local thai restuarant.
we won't give it a miss.

our regular dishes which includes raw prawns.

dinner was at coca,siam square.

my fav ice-cream from dairy queen.

okie.. lazy to post.. just look at the pics below.


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