Jun 4, 2006

gal outing

friday nite was our gal's nite out.
we are supposed to meet at 7pm at marriott.

i was early. i reach there abt 6.45 so i decided to go shopping.
so since it was GSS (great singapore sale), i decide to go see and good bargains.

in the end i bot a song + kelly blouse.

it's not my fault for purchasing an non-sale item k!

there's two reason for the purchase.

reason no. 1.

sales girl (SG) : this top has another colour.
me : it's ok, i dun like yellow.. this looks nice.
SG : i love ur curl! where did u perm ur hair?
me: oh actually is my mom who perm my hair
SG: i really love it! it so nice! i wanted to perm long time ago.
me : okie. let me try this on.

see! how can i resist! my curl was like so old and messy liao
and actually there someone appreciate it! hahaha.
oh my.. how weak am i!!

reason no 2.

simple. my girlfriends was late for the dinner loh..
so i had to find something to occupy myself
but lucky my friend manage to reach in time before i went crazy
and purchase another dress which is more costly!

ok next
we meet up at wan hao restaurant.
the food was fabulous

after the dinner we headed up to mezz9 for a drink
we had so much fun!
and the house wine was very good.

can't wait for another meeting.

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