Jun 2, 2006

is it 双簧or 双黄

i was cooking last week when i tumbled upon this egg which have two egg yolk.
i was thinking, wow i was lucky coz i nv seen double egg-yolk.
yaya.. i heard you. you must be saying i seldom cook rite.
you are wrong. now i very much into cooking.

here it is.. i was actually cooking 3 eggs when it came out 4 yolk.

but when i preparing for supper last nite, i came across this.
Hee. previous time i forgot to snap together with the egg shells.
so this time round, complete with egg shell.

is this coincidence? Heh Heh
same hen..

or was it quite a common thing already?

but i feel very lucky coz it happen in the same week.

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