Jan 25, 2007

We're Open!

I've gone live! I'm trading real money now.. Today is only my third day, so far it's soooo different from trading demo.
Of course la, demo is not real money tat y no emotion involve.
when trading demo, one day will have about maybe 3 trades/setups. But so far these two day i have only done 1 trade! CHICKEN.

i still miss trading euroyen! and i think i can still make it and maybe better! hee. (how lian rite, but anyone wanna sponsor??)
currencies keke.. but after 2-3 months (maybe more) of preparations, i think i can make as much but is only think i think is more scary coz currencies mkt move so fast.

well hopefully i can make it! if not i have to look for sponsors to go back to euroyen.. nvm! tis year TOTO ang bao draw is MINE!

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