Jan 3, 2007

New Year Celebrations

on countdown.
We did not had any actual celebration thou, coz there is some things happen recently.
only gather with friends and talk.. hoping to forget the things which happened.

new year day
MIL came back from paris.. Woohoo.. alot of gifts and chocolates!

spent the new year with family.
dinner was at a thai restaurant.(no pic. forgot to take).

Next day was a small family gathering.
potluck was the main theme.
anyway the family is made up of all fantastic cooks so hooray!
(so much of new year resolution to lose weight).
food was really really really GOOD!
our plan is only to have lunch
but our turkey was 8kg! so we ended up had lunch n dinner there.
after dinner we had durian.
eerr durian was so-so only.

turkey re-cooked.

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