Jan 11, 2007

Life in Mono

this piece is in my top 3 song.
i can listen to it over and over again.
tis a soundtrack from great expectation

ultra sad song.
pls dun listen to it when you are down.

but i luv to listen to it when i'm down.
coz sometimes when i'm sad and couldn't let it out, i would be able to do so after hearing the song.
serious wat! you will feel better.
and you thought i luv to torture myself. (*blink*)

hmm "torture"
i remember when i was in school, i would sometimes purposely cut myself or something similar.
haha and once i was so damn bloody angry wif my brother (he's jus weird) i took a pair of scissors beside me and start slashing my wrist. but i cannot remember wat happen tat day. i also cannot remember when is the last time i had dinner or a decent chat with him. well, there is always a black sheep in the family... and i have two of them.

ok back to the song... oh ya..dun get the wrong idea,
i'm not feeling down. jus happen to heard tis song again
and i tot of sharing only.

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