Apr 12, 2007

breakfast @ jalan kakyu

the plan was to have prata for breakfast but we saw this shop was crowded so we decide to try (typically s'porean).

when lx order at the counter, he ordered the drinks 1st from this ah ma. and before he can continue ordering the food, another younger lady (which look like the boss) came in.. the ah ma just walk away.
and saying... "this man only order drinks only ar..."
WAH LAU.. haven't finish ordering k! old can bully ppl meh!
grouchy old lady.
no need waste time go there la..

i had pork cutlet noodles ($3.50)
they also have chicken cutlet noodles($4.50)

lx had chicken feet noodles ($3.50)..
coz he doesn't like wanton.

side dish was fried wanton($?)
(actually there is more wanton.. Hee)

noodles is good.. v Q
i only say noodles is good k.. and not the rest.

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