Apr 25, 2007

strawberry cheesecake

this is my 1st attempt in making a no-bake strawberry cheesecake.
i got the recipe from here --> cadenze's blog.
the end product is not suppose to look like below.. and what i've is two version.. a strawberry cheesecake and a failed cheesecake turn to a delicious dessert. If you have seen cadenze's blog you will know what i mean.

Now my husband loved it so much until he wanted me to make this again tomorrow!
aargghhh. He love the taste but says i use the wrong cream that why the cake looks like this.. (as if he knows)

although is abit ugly.. but the taste is perfect!

Looks ugly as a cake but looks perfect for a dessert.

think i will try it again and again till i got it right

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