Apr 2, 2007

post april fool

you know you are getting old when april fools' day past without you realising it.
looking back in school days when everyone is trying to "trick" you into something.

In primary school. Basically all jokes seems so funny but in fact is all damn lame.

Girl A (A) : hey, there you drop ur wallet.
Girl B (B) turn ard and look at the floor.
(A) : APRIL FOOL!~~~
(B) : shit, kenna trick, wahahahahaha
(A) : whahahahaha

In Secondary school. boys and girls start to make good use of this day

Boy : hey, i've notice you for a long time already. do you wanna be my girlfriend.
Girl : eh... ah.... NO!
Boy : APRIL FOOL!~~~
Girl : GGRRR

This is for those who dun dare to express themselves in fear of rejection.

For me, I remember when i was in high school, you have no fear of everything.

That fateful morning, our 1st lesson was.. errr.. wat was it?? econs? law? anyway that poor sweet teacher was very timid and we decide to play a prank on her. We put a fake cockroach in the attendance file.
When she came in, we were unusually quiet. hahahahaha
and she when she open the file her instant reaction was scream and jump sideway 3 steps away from her table. Just imagine a crab jumping.. hahaha hilarious.

In deed. whatever you hear or read, it may not be true.

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