Apr 5, 2007


Jane wanted me to post up more pics..
But i already say now my life is super boring liao ma, so i can only offer her this..
Hee.. More of Me Me and ME.

This is a picture before leaving the house.
Nowadays too lazy to put on makeup.
so dun say things like.. "wah everyday stay at home and sleep also have dark eye ring k."

my dark eye ring is there to stay (unfortunately)

After lunch and in the car waiting for lx.

Can you tell lx is forced to take this picture..

oh ya... I was so angry with myself this morning.
Coz I forgot to order my fav cake for tonite!!!
ok.. I was suppose to get a cake for my MIL's pre-birthday, Coz she won't be in town on her birthday.

I wanted to call patissier yesterday but i forgot!
Wanted to order my fav fav fav Passion Fruit Meringue.
But you need to pre-order in adv.. so no choice lor.. i got another cake which i have not tried before.

Passion Fruit Meringue
Meringue sponge filled with passion fruit mousse with fresh Mango and Strawberries.

Affection (the one which i got for tonite.)
Rose jelly in between layers of vanilla sponge and lychee chibous.

will update about the cake tmr.
tonite is mahjong time! (ps. now i play real money instead of chips)

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