Apr 4, 2007

working together with kids

buay tahan.

Little boy (LB) stuck with his homework and me damn busy monitoring the market and my position.

LB : I dunnoe how to do this question can you help me.
Me : sure but not now. Can you do others 1st.
(i know he has tons of homework which have not complete yet.)
after 1 min.
LB : are you free now?
Me : later k.
after 30 sec.
LB : are you free now?
Me : not yet
after 10 sec
LB : are you free now?
Me : no
LB : are you free now?
Me : NO!
LB : are you free now? are you free now? areyoufreenowareyoufreenowareyoufreenow......
Me : ............ -_-|||
(gives up and help him).

but afterall he still a baby.
all that happens a while ago.
and today DEJA VU~~~

LB : you want to eat my kids' mulit-vitamins pills?
Me : no, I'm not a kid
LB : do you wan to try one?
Me : no.
(trying to concentrate trading..)
LB : hey it's very nice. nah.. take one.
Me : no.
LB : try la.. take one.
Me : no
LB : take lah.
Me : no.
LB : nah. (giving me the pill)
Me : no pls dun disturb me. I'm busy.
(LB pushing the pill near to my mouth.. and i turn my head away.)
LB : take la.. it's very nice one.
Me : .............. -_-|||

But he is normally quiet and obedient boy, serious.
Is only when i got position and normally bad position then he behave this way.

Hmmm, is this a sign??